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Shield Sec Lab's Mission

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Vision at Shield Sec Lab

We develop a reliable lasting service,
inspire change and drive cyber digital transformation.

Why We Are Different


Billion Daily Monitored Transactions


Securing more than 4 million users' information nationwide


Reducing Incidents by 96.82% after partnering with Shield Sec Lab

What we do at Shield Sec Lab

File Security
VAPT Audits
Application Analysis
Blockchain Forensic

Why Shield Sec Lab

Beyond our significant local presence, we have the in-house depth and breadth of information and cyber security expertise required to respond to the most technical information security challenges related to both Information and Operational Technology.

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Over the years Shield Sec Lab has provided the Indian Government with high intelligent services and solutions. Today the scope of our services has been extended to include cyber security solutions aimed to strengthen the nation from cyber-attacks.


We currently operate in the Government sector providing value-added services and building solutions across the entire spectrum of cyber defense.

Security Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team of information and cyber security professionals includes internationally renowned experts in the fields of protecting critical infrastructure, industrial control systems, information systems and networks.


By The Indian Government

Partner Of Choice.
We stand for Trust,